Ever had someone ask constant favors then take and take and take from you only to turnaround and talk trash behind your back? Then this song is for you!  Check out The Curly Wolf's intense and confrontational response to all the backstabbers amongst us. Download on Spotify/iTunes or hit the MUSIC link on our navigation bar above and take a listen.

The Curly Wolf have announced they will be opening for Shooter Jennings Saturday, October 1st at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach. The band is also slated to open for Toby Keith and Andy Velo at the 30th Annual Sonoma Music Festival Sunday, October 9th. Stay tuned for more Summer/Fall show announcements still to come!

The Curly Wolf Release New Single & Video for "Thirteen" on Friday the 13th

On May 13th, Friday the 13th, The Curly Wolf released their new cover of Danzig's "Thirteen". Simultaneously the band will release a music video to accompany the single.

The song "Thirteen" was originally written for Johnny Cash by Glenn Danzig and released in 1994 on Cash's American Recordings album. Danzig later recorded his own version in 1999.

For The Curly Wolf, the recording of this song was a natural result of following their musical instincts. The CW's love and respect for Cash is no secret to their fans who hear them play tribute to the "The Man in Black" at every show. Those that follow the band a little closer already know the influence Glenn Danzig has played in shaping their sound. One of the CW's early crowd favorites was their banjo-fueled Misfits cover "Die, Die, My Darling". The single is available on iTunes and Spotify.

The Curly Wolf: The South Bay’s rising outlaws

by Ed Solt

It is impossible to write about the Curly Wolf without diving into the culture around the band. The band is a product of the Gasser Lounge, drummer Mike Bouchard’s classy Redondo Beach establishment, which possesses the ambiance of badass Americana centered around a lit-up shrine to the Man in Black himself, Johnny Cash.

Bouchard’s infamous “Creep Machine” ‘Econoline decked in ‘70s vanning steeze sits in the parking lot. The waterhole is for the patron who doesn’t mind listening to the heartbreak of a Patsy Cline song followed by the howling of the Misfits’ Glenn Danzig while clenching a strong drink in a tattooed fist. The Curly Wolf has also been behind the annual underground vanning and biking cultural event, the “Escape to Hazzard County” camp out in Santa Barbara County...

Local musician spotlight: Six questions for Grant Benziger


When you hear the name Benziger, especially here in Sonoma, your mind immediately goes toward wine. But in the case of Grant Benziger, you’d be wrong.

Oh, he still enjoys the fruits of the vine, but music was his calling from way back in his younger days. When he used to sit in his father’s office, dad Mike Benziger saw the young man taking a keen interest in the music on the radio and encouraged Grant – leading to a father-son trip to Klein’s Music for a $100 guitar. Young Grant couldn’t put it down.

Born and raised in Sonoma County, once he turned 18 Benziger was off to Hollywood to chase his dreams...